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PostSubject: MOTD/Rules   Thu Nov 29, 2012 10:35 pm

Welcome to: NERP (New Experience Roleplay)
This is the Message of the day or MOTD
Use the "!motd" command in the server to access this menu
Forums Link-

New Experience Roleplay Staff List



~Super Admins~


New Experience Roleplay Development List

~Forum Developer~

~Data Management~

~Graphic Art~

~The Basic rules~

1. RDM(RandomDeathMatch) - RDM is the act of killing someone without rp/reason or for "Fun". Do not demote for RDM and please contact an admin immediately.

2. NLR(NewLifeRule) - Breaking NLR is very simple. Breaking NLR is when you die and return to where you died before either the raid is over and/or two minutes hasn't passed. For example - Timmy dies in a raid and returns as soon as he dies. (You have to wait for the raid to be over to fully return back and you CANNOT remember what happened under any circumstance.) The same goes to dying in general.

3. Keypads - They must be in plain sight and must have a MINIMUM of 2.0 seconds between opening and closing. Buttons also apply to the have to be plain in sight rule. You also cannot have multiple keypads, and no double entrance keypads. (An entrance that requires two people to crack two keypads to get in.

4. Metagame - Metagaming is the act of using OOC information and using it IC, or vice versa.

5. NO prop blocking.

6. NO crouch bases are allowed on this server. Which means forcing a player to crouch to get into your home/base.

7. NO invisible props.

8. KoS ropes or blocking off a HUGE area isn't allowed.

9. NO prop climbing or prop surfing.

10. Absolutely NO building in the sky or in a jail cell.

11. You may build a sky base if there is something that can let anyone get into it (Like a ladder or an elevator).

12. For you or your friend to be able to protect each other you have to be in the same job via the /job command.

13. If you want someone to protect your home or business/hideout, they must be added to the front door.

14. There will be no social ignorance, in OOC chat. (You can RP as a racist person of course).

15. Do not Mic spam!

16. Do not use any invisible props, unless you want to make a window or something of that matter.

17. Do not raid the same place repeatedly (Wait for 10 min. to pass), you may however raid somewhere else.

~Donator Only Classes~

(The S.W.A.T. will be implemented soon, as well as the CP striker.)

Rogue: Armed with a knife, a ninja hook, this silent but deadly class can get you in and out of a raid fast. (Can only use his knife, using any type of firearm with this class will get you in trouble). Also, we will get the invisibility working soon.

Master Thief: After years of being a street rat and stealing valuable items this class is a force to reckon with. Armed with a desert eagle only this class can use he packs a powerful punch.

Assassin: Contracts, contracts, contracts... this class loves em'. But aside from the hitman he can do more than just kill for money. He is universal and can basically work for anyone. He comes with a Barret sniper to view his surroundings to set up for the perfect kill.

Sentinel: this class protects the weak from the evil, and the good from the corrupt. This class will stop at no ends to stop crime or bad "Justice" in its tracks.

Mercenary: With access to exclusive store items only this class can buy and supply, and a Desert Eagle he is a very good addition to your team or organization. For the right price.....

S.W.A.T.: When the S.W.A.T. is called, you better get ready because they come in hard. Armed with a riotshield(not yet) that only they have access to in the server, a Benelli Shotgun, RUN! (They may only be used when a mayor or dictator is in office, and can only go into the streets by his orders. Either to guard him or anything he wants.)
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